Pre-Day One Checklist

Preparing for Day One

Congratulations! You have cleared the pre-boarding section of our hiring process, and you are ready to start at Kelsey-Seybold on your designated start date.

Step 1: Gather form I-9 documents to bring with you.

You complete a Form I-9 to verify identity and employment authorization for incoming new employees. More information about this form can be found at this link: Form I-9 Employee Information Sheet (

To complete this form, you will be required to physically present documentation/IDs at check in for orientation on Day One. A list of acceptable documents can be found at this link: Form I-9 Acceptable Documents | USCIS

All IDs/Documents must be:

  • Originals (No photos or copies)
  • Unexpired
  • One of List A or One List B with One List C

Additional steps will be provided on your first day to complete Section 1. A document must be presented by your third day of employment.

Step 2: Send your badge photo to Recruitment.

You can send a photo to or your recruitment coordinator. Be sure to include in the subject your name and start date.

Badge photos must meet the following criteria:

  • Solo, straight, and front-facing photo from the shoulders/chest up with a full, unobstructed view of your face with eyes straight forward (i.e., no mask, hands, or anything that obstructs the view of your face other than prescription glasses. No glasses filter!)
  • The photo should be taken in front of a solid white/light-colored background. Car selfies or backgrounds that can identify any areas of your house CANNOT be accepted.
  • Photo cannot contain any type of social media filter, emojis, writing, etc.
  • The picture should be a recent photo from within the last three months with only yourself in the photo. No group photos.
  • Your badge photo is due the Wednesday before your start date at 2 pm.


Step 3: Log into Kelsey-Seybold Oracle.

An email with your temporary login name and temporary password will be sent to your home email address. This will grant you access to our Kelsey-Seybold Connect Portal, where your first journey will be assigned to you.

You will complete tasks before or on your start date that will include uploading your badge photo and uploading your credentials or licenses if applicable.

Step 4: Prepare for your first day.

Your recruitment coordinator will provide details for your New Employee Orientation, where you will receive a full, detailed schedule for training if applicable. Some positions will require additional training following orientation. For a full schedule or instructions following HR Orientation, be sure to contact your manager.

HR Benefits will review our benefit packages with you and how to set up your enrollments. To become familiar with our packages, click on these links:

The dress code for orientation will be business casual or scrubs for clinical roles. No shorts, leggings, or ripped jeans will be allowed.

Some light refreshments will be provided at orientation.

Additionally, you will be sent your Kelsey K Number and a separate temporary password to log into a terminal on your first day. Be sure to keep and make a note of these. You can also ask your training facilitator for your K Number on your first day.